About Us

We like to adventure outdoors, and care about quality products to help support the endeavor

Outdoors Passion

We believe that any and everyone can find solace in the great outdoors. There is no other mirror in which one can see their true self more deeply than that of Mother Nature. Perhaps paddleboarding is how you experience this love, or maybe it’s hiking—however you best connect we want to support it.

Our product reviews take into account many different aspects of the buying process including price, shipping, quality, availability, customer support, and lifetime value. A $1000 stand up paddle board may be better than a $85 one in every case, but sometimes a $650 board really hones in on the sweet spot. There’s some simple approaches we’ve learned over the years that help supply our views with insightful banter.

Learning how bet to facilitate your outdoor adventure can sometimes distract from the underlying goal—to experience nature. We like to keep things simple when possible, and get right to helping your get outdoors. Our blog features some great free and easy ideas on how to achieve these goals. Follow us for updates and key insight into the latest outdoor sports and products.